Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles for Men: Embrace Your Waves with Style

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Discover the best medium length wavy hairstyles for men. From beachy waves to slicked back styles, embrace your waves with confidence and style.


Are you tired of the same old short hairstyles for men? Want to stand out from the crowd and embrace your natural waves? Look no further than medium length wavy hairstyles for men! In recent years, these hairstyles have gained immense popularity, allowing men to showcase their unique style and personality. So, if you’re ready to rock those waves, let’s dive into the world of medium length wavy hairstyles and discover the perfect style for you.

Understanding Medium Length Wavy Hair

Medium length wavy hair with natural texture and volume.

Medium length wavy hair with natural texture and volume.

Before we explore the various medium length wavy hairstyles, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of wavy hair. Wavy hair falls between straight and curly hair, providing a natural texture that adds volume and movement to your look. The versatility of medium length wavy hair allows for endless styling options, making it an ideal choice for men seeking a stylish and effortless appearance.

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Finding the Perfect Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Exploring different medium length wavy hairstyles for men.

Exploring different medium length wavy hairstyles for men.

The key to achieving a perfect medium length wavy hairstyle lies in understanding your face shape and hair texture. Different face shapes complement specific hairstyles, and hair texture plays a crucial role in how your waves will behave. To ensure you choose the most flattering hairstyle, consider consulting with a professional hairstylist who can guide you based on their expertise and experience. Annie Griffin Collection’s hairstylists have years of experience in crafting tailored hairstyles for men, ensuring you find the perfect look to suit your individuality.

Top Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Popular medium length wavy hairstyles for men.

Popular medium length wavy hairstyles for men.

1. Beachy Waves for a Relaxed and Casual Look

If you’re aiming for a carefree and effortless vibe, beachy waves are the perfect choice. This hairstyle exudes a relaxed and casual aesthetic, reminiscent of a day spent by the seaside. It’s achieved by adding texture and enhancing your natural waves. With the right styling products and techniques, you can effortlessly recreate those beachy waves that will turn heads wherever you go.

2. Textured Quiff for a Trendy and Modern Appearance

Looking for a hairstyle that combines sophistication with modernity? The textured quiff is an excellent option. This style adds height and volume to your hair, while the textured waves give it a contemporary twist. Its versatility allows you to dress it up for formal occasions or keep it casual for everyday wear. With a little styling effort and the right products, you can rock a trendy and stylish textured quiff effortlessly.

3. Classic Side Part for a Timeless and Sophisticated Style

For those who prefer a timeless and refined look, the classic side part is a go-to medium length wavy hairstyle. This style exudes elegance and sophistication, making it suitable for both professional and formal settings. The side part accentuates your waves, adding depth and character to your overall appearance. To achieve the perfect classic side part, a quality comb and some pomade or wax are all you need.

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4. Messy Bedhead for an Effortless and Carefree Vibe

If you’re a fan of the “I woke up like this” look, the messy bedhead style is your best friend. This hairstyle embraces the tousled and slightly disheveled appearance, giving you that effortlessly cool vibe. By using the right products, such as texturizing sprays or sea salt sprays, you can enhance your waves and create a natural, messy look that’s perfect for casual outings or a laid-back day at the office.

5. Slicked Back Waves for a Sleek and Polished Appearance

For a more polished and refined look, opt for slicked back waves. This hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication to your medium length wavy hair, making it suitable for formal events or upscale occasions. By applying a styling gel or pomade and combing your waves back neatly, you can achieve a sleek and polished appearance that exudes confidence and style.

6. Curly Undercut for a Bold and Unique Look

If you’re ready to embrace your waves to the fullest, consider a curly undercut. This bold and unique hairstyle combines the distinctiveness of an undercut with the natural texture of medium length wavy hair. By keeping the sides and back short while leaving the waves on top longer, you create a striking contrast that highlights your waves and adds a touch of edginess to your overall look.

Maintenance and Styling Tips for Medium Length Wavy Hair

Styling tips for maintaining and controlling medium length wavy hair.

Styling tips for maintaining and controlling medium length wavy hair.

To ensure your medium length wavy hair looks its best, proper maintenance and styling are essential. Follow these tips to keep your waves healthy, manageable, and looking their finest:

  1. Establish a Hair Care Routine: Regularly wash and condition your hair with products suitable for wavy hair. This will keep your waves hydrated and prevent frizz.

  2. Use the Right Styling Products: Invest in quality texturizing sprays, sea salt sprays, or styling gels to enhance and control your waves. These products will help you achieve the desired hairstyle with ease.

  3. Experiment with Different Techniques: Try various styling techniques, such as scrunching, diffusing, or twisting your hair, to create different wave patterns and styles.

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Remember, finding the perfect medium length wavy hairstyle is a journey, and it’s essential to embrace experimentation and personalization to discover the style that suits you best.


In a world where personal style matters, medium length wavy hairstyles for men offer a unique opportunity to showcase your individuality. Whether you prefer a relaxed and casual look with beachy waves or a sleek and polished appearance with slicked back waves, there’s a perfect medium length wavy hairstyle waiting for you. Embrace your waves with confidence and style, and let your hair be a true reflection of your personality.

At Annie Griffin Collection, we understand the importance of individuality in men’s fashion. We believe that your hairstyle is an essential element of your overall look. Explore our website to discover more fashion tips and trends for men, including men’s fashion, hairstyles for men with round faces, and salt and pepper hair styles for men. We also have a range of articles on women’s fashion, such as medium length hair with bangs for women. Don’t forget to check out our recommended men’s hair products for curly hair and learn how to style wavy hair with our expert tips on how to style wavy hair for men. For low-maintenance yet stylish options, explore our collection of medium length low maintenance men’s hairstyles.

Remember, your hair is your canvas; let your waves be a masterpiece of style and confidence.

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